Virtual Emotion Regulation Series

Virtual Emotion Regulation Series

“The idea behind emotional regulation is not to suppress or deny emotions but to manage them consciously as they shape our words and our actions.” 

This virtual drop-in Emotion Regulation 6-week psycho-educational and support group is for individuals who are experiencing difficulty in managing difficult emotions. Individuals will: explore the meaning and functions of emotions and their influence on various behaviours and patterns of thinking; build an emotion regulation tool box; develop problem solving, crisis management, skills and techniques; learn the impact of attachment styles and how they affect relationships; develop a self-care plan; and cultivate an overall positive outlook when managing emotions throughout life.

Wednesday Afternoon (First Series)



Friday Afternoons (Third Series)


Emotion Regulation Group:


This drop-in group is facilitated by Kimberly Masliuk Giddings, RCSW, Clinical Director and supported by a counselling intern.

Please call our reception team with any questions you may have. 780.757.0900