Single-Session Counselling​

Our Primary Counselling Service is Single-Session

Unlike ongoing counselling, we do not go into a lot of background details. Our goal is to help you stay focused on a current issue of concern and specific goals for the session. Any concern can be addressed in a single session, using our solution-focused approach. For some, a single session is all that is needed to move forward.

Our approach is strengths-based, meaning that we help you uncover your current strengths and resources and how they can be used to develop strategies for growth and positive change. We do not focus on labels or pathology, rather the inherent strengths that are unique to you.

Counselling can help with many different concerns, including but not limited to:

We are excited to meet you where you are at. 
What We Offer

Counselling Services

We offer same-day counselling sessions on a sliding fee scale.