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Explore the many ways you can join our team of Mental Health Professionals!

We Care

We Care About our Volunteers

Requirements for volunteer counselling include:

Anyone who has a passion for Mental Health and would like to be part of the Momentum Team is invited to apply in Reception/Intake.

Work With Us

Practicum Placement Opportunity

Momentum Counselling offers a unique and rich learning environment for students in graduate level counselling studies which is distinct from other placement sites.

Hands On Learning

Rich Learning Environment

Students work in a team setting led by a Clinical Supervisor who facilitates session planning, debriefing, and feedback for every session. We use direct observation, co-counselling, and video recording to provide valuable feedback and robust discussion. We operate from a Solution Focused Model with a strength based philosophy which is empirically supported. Students never work alone; and receive a solid foundation in strong ethical practice. We offer additional learning opportunities in group therapy process and ongoing brief therapy with individuals, couples, and families (up to eight sessions).

Many of our students continue to volunteer after graduating.  There is an opportunity to receive supervision as a Registered Provisional Psychologist from a highly qualified Momentum Psychologist.