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We are currently accepting applications for May 2023.

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Momentum is proud of the quality of graduate students who successfully complete practicum training at our site. We are pleased to offer them more opportunities to practice their skills and continue to grow professionally post-graduation.

Practicum placements at Momentum start in September, January and May of each year. Please see below deadlines for application deadlines and apply by clicking the link below.

For January Start:

  • Application deadline: July 1st
  • Interviews held: during July
  • January team selected.

For May Start:

  • Application deadline: November 1st
  • Interviews held: during November
  • Currently accepting Applications

For September Start:

  • Application deadline: March 1st
  • Interviews held: during March
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Practicum Application​

Momentum is proud to be a high-quality teaching facility. Momentum offers a unique and rich learning environment for students in graduate level counselling studies which is distinct from other placement sites.

At Momentum, students work in a team setting led by a Clinical Supervisor who facilitates session planning, debriefing, and feedback for every counselling session.

We use direct observation, co-counselling, and video recording to provide valuable feedback and robust discussion with other team members. Supervision is built into each shift, and far exceeds the minimum requirements for most universities.

We operate from a Solution Focused Model with a strength-based philosophy which is empirically supported. Students never work alone; and receive a solid foundation in strong ethical practice.

We offer additional learning opportunities in group therapy. Students are also assigned a small caseload of clients to provide up to eight sessions of ongoing counselling with individuals, couples, or families.

Momentum provides clinical internships for graduate level students from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to: social work, psychology, and counselling.

If you would like to discuss a potential internship with us, please reach out to Kimberly Masliuk-Giddings, Clinical Director at

Work With Us

Practicum Application

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