Support & Recovery Group for First Responders

Support & Recovery Group for First Responders

“When you reach out your hand to help one of them, they almost always grab your hand with only one of theirs, because they’re using their other hand to reach behind them and pull up somebody else with them.”

Support and Recovery Group for First Responders

Release – Recharge – Reconnect: A response to Secondary Traumatic Stress

Secondary Traumatic Stress: What is it? How is it affecting me? What can I do about it? 

These past two years have been a roller-coaster ride! Just because the difficult things happening “out there” did not all happen directly to you does not mean you escaped their effects. Learn about Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) and some easy tools you can use right now to help counteract its effects. Learn how to recognize STS in yourself and others. Address your own STS with a practice that accesses each of the four realms of resilience – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental. A mixture of mindfulness, emotional self-regulation, as well as some physical and mental exercises will allow you to Release STS, Recharge your own wellness and Reconnect with family, friends and colleagues. We are looking forward to having you join us on this journey.

This group is intended for frontline workers who work with a variety of populations such as group home support workers, nurses, doctors, therapists, paramedics, family support workers, hospital personnel, child protection workers any many more. 

Thursday Evenings 


June 2-July 7, 2022

You will receive the link to access this virtual session, one day prior. Please ensure you check your spam folder for this email. 

First Responder Group

This  group is facilitated by Kimberly Masliuk Giddings, RCSW, Clinical Director, and Kim Taylor, Psychotherapist.

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